Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney



Everyone should have a Will particularly if you have children and/or property.  A Will makes life so much easier for those who are left behind if the worst should happen.  A Will gives the legal authority for someone to deal with your assets on your behalf as soon as you die and ensures that your money and assets are distributed to who you wish.

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Simple Single Will £275 plus VAT

Simple Mirror Wills £445 plus VAT

Further charges apply for complex Wills incorporating trusts


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

The importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney is exceptionally understated, however, they are vital to enable those who are supporting you to have the legal authority to assist with your affairs if you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated.  In the absence of these documents an application to the Court of Protection would be necessary which is a particularly lengthy and much more costly procedure.  A Court of Protection application would make life difficult for your supporters in what are usually very upsetting circumstances.  We therefore always recommend, whatever age you are that these documents are put in place just in case they are needed.


Health and Welfare & Property and Financial Affairs

For one person £550 plus VAT plus Court Registration Fee £82 per person per document

For two people £750 plus VAT plus Court Registration Fee £82 per person per document

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